The National Charter Schools Conference (NCSC) is where the movement meets as the largest gathering of charter school professionals from around the nation, bringing together diverse voices within the sector to foster strong, nationwide collaboration on critical issues.

The National Alliance has long played a critical role in the health of the charter school sector, and as we move into a new era, that role becomes all the more critical. Leverage your access to this important audience by becoming a sponsor.

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There are limitless ways to engage with those you are most interested in meeting, and we specialize in offering unique opportunities to connect with your target audience. Let us know what we can do to make sponsoring our conference a valuable and memorable experience.

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It’s easy to get exactly what you want from the top-tier packages. These packages are easily customizable with a variety of add-ons to meet your marketing goals. All include our top-tier brand recognition so you’ll really stand out.

To view core entitlements, select a sponsorship option below.

Diamond: $75,000
Platinum: $55,000
Gold: $45,000
Silver: $27,000
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And receive all of our top tier brand recognition


There is something for every budget and marketing goal. These packages offer great exposure and will help to create a lasting impression!

To view entitlements, select a sponsorship option below.

VIP Reception: $20,000
Badge Lanyard: $16,000
Wifi Access: $16,000
Welcome Reception: $16,000
Mobile App: $15,000
T-Shirt: $12,000
Happy Hour: $8,000
Headshot Bar: $7,500
Massage Lounge: $6,000
Fitness Hour: $6,000
Therapy Dogs: $6,000
Quiet Space: $6,000
Instagram-able Moment: $6,000
Book Nook: $6,000
Exhibit Hall Music or Karaoke: $6,000
Student Performance: $5,000
Coffee Break: $4,500
Exhibit Hall Lunch: $4,500
Participation & Branding: $4,000

Year-Round Partner Opportunities

Don't limit your exposure to just the 2024 Conference - get even more involved with the charter community. Beyond producing the National Charter Schools Conference, the National Alliance provides leadership and convenings with key stakeholders throughout the year. There are limited opportunities to broaden sponsorship and engage key target audiences.

These opportunities could include...

APCSA Sponsorship
SLC Meetings
Community of Practice
School Leaders of Color Partnership
National Alliance Email List Searchable/Pullable
Rising Leaders Initiative
Congressional Black Caucus Charter School Leadership and Reception Sponsor

* Additional Cost & 2024 Sponsorship required

On behalf of more than 8,000 Charter Schools and campuses nationwide, and the 3.7 million students that attend charter schools, we'd like to thank you for your consideration and support.

For entirely customized sponsorships over $50,000, contact Angela Christophe at angela@publiccharters.org

June 30–July 3, 2024

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