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NCSC is excited to announce two training webinars from Travis Stanton, editor of EXHIBITOR Magazine, designed to help you increase return on investment at this year’s event and beyond.

Made just for our exhibitors, you can learn from one of the leaders in the industry about the tips and tricks for developing winning strategies, and for avoiding common pitfalls, during the pre-planning and onsite experiences.

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Part 1: Ten Steps to Trade Show Success

The first installment is a 25-minute webinar on best practices to help you optimize your organization’s exhibit-marketing efforts.

Exhibit marketing is an imperfect science, and there are far too many variables to provide a single “end-all, be-all” roadmap to trade show success. Travis Stanton confidently shares 10 tips that will increase your company’s ROI. He uses simple techniques to help focus your company’s efforts in order to achieve your company’s objectives.

This webinar covers:

Part 2: Common Mistakes to Avoid

The second installment is a 25-minute whirlwind of common pitfalls and ways to avoid them with thorough pre-planning, thoughtful spending practices and excellent customer service both onsite and post conference.

This webinar covers these helpful topics:

July 16, 23, & 30, 2020

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