Kairos Academies: How To Prepare Your Model For Quarantine

Session Type: Breakout


When the pandemic hit, what differentiated schools that flourished and schools that struggled? It wasn't operations or quality of curriculum. It was the preparation students had in-school to direct their own lives and learning. Come to this session and learn the highest-leverage steps your school can take to prepare students for remote "tele-learning" during the next 18-24 months of this public health crisis. (Hint: It's the same things you should be doing to prepare them for a 21st-century college and career.)

Take Away:
Building executive function coaching and real-world choice into your in-person school model prepares students to fluidly transition to and from remote school.

Presented by

Britt Kelleher, Kairos Academies

Brittany Kelleher graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University with an honors thesis on Black identity. She began her career teaching in St. Louis, served as an Education Pioneers Fellow, and has spent the last several years working for a leading national nonprofit consulting firm. There, she supported some of the country’s best schools in strategy, finance, and operations. Brittany joined Kairos because she believes self-directed learning is the best way to prepare students for success in college and beyond.

Gavin Schiffres, Kairos Academies

Gavin Schiffres graduated magna cum laude from Yale University with honors in both of his theses on charter schools policy and design. He has taught in New Haven, Israel, and St. Louis and worked to advance equity through policy positions at the Louisiana Deparmtent of Education and StudentsFirst. Gavin holds a Master's in Education and has been recognized as one of the country's most promising innovators in education by Forbes 30 Under 30, Teach For America, and a number of other organizations.